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The Stationary Output Flange Riser Option is used if part handlers or measurement equipment are required to be mounted above the rotary indexing dial. The riser is flanged on both ends and offered in multiple lengths with a slightly smaller hollow bore than the index bore. Each riser incorporates a tolerance male centering pilot on the index output flange and for the dial plate or fixture mounting flange. The riser is mounted to the index output flange with (4) bolts and also includes the grease fitting to be extended for easy access.

Standard units are painted steel to match the beige index color but custom materials and coatings are available. Index to the right is shown with a riser for mounting a second fixed dial above the indexing dial. Each riser is hollow to mate to the index hollow output flange. A center pilot flange makes dial mounting concentric and precise. Dowel holes are an option.

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