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Reducers - Accessories - Sankyo America (The Global Standard in CAM Indexing)


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Input drive systems for indexing or handling units may require low backlash, C-face motor mounting or belt drives. Sankyo offers a large variety of options to fit your environment, electrical and mechanical needs. Our standard gearmotor drive option is versatile but we also offer drives solutions for servo, washdown, explosion-proof or air motors applications. Each includes clutch-brake options for frequent stop/start cycling.

Servo drives supply the maximum stop/start frequencies with accurate closed loop positioning for ultimate drive control. Belt drives are commonly used to avoid interference, for very small and large indexing units when conventional reducers are not available.

Reducer Drive (R Series)

Sankyo’s R series reducer features a low backlash worm drive compatible with servo or conventional motors. Mounting positions are offered in 90º angle increments on either side of the index or handler unit. Clutch and/or brake options are available in low voltage (DC) supplies. Inch (NEMA) or metric (IEC) adapter flanges can connect servo, washdown, explosion proof or air motors.

Reducer Reducer & FN Handler
Reducer & DF Index Reducer & Servo Adapter


NEMA or IEC Flange Reducers

Inexpensive hollow bore reducers with C type motor adapter flanges offer versatile mounting to most motors. Air motors (shown left) are an ideal choice for painting applications. An air flow controls can regulate horsepower or speed. Air, high voltage (575v), washdown, explosion proof, brake motors or clutch-brake module adapt to these common flanges in inch (NEMA) or metric (IEC) formats. Mounting is offered in 90º increments on either side of the index or handler unit. In most cases, VFD controllers can still be used for electric speed control & electronic DC injection braking.

Air Motor & 56C Reducer NEMA or IEC Motor Flange
Clutch & Brake Modules SS or Epoxy Paint Washdown Motors


Timing Belt Drives

Timing belt drives minimize jerk but still offer low backlash. If emergency stopped, the timing belt may jump if the torque is great enough. This package offers more mounting configurations to reducer interference with other equipment. Ratios speeds can be changed quickly by switching the pulleys or installing new pulleys and sprockets. Sankyo provides all finger safe guarding with the package or as separate components. From miniature to massive, we can supply a drive for your application with conventional, servo motors or clutch-brake options.

Timing Belt Drive 80DT Belt Drive & 8 Meter Dial
6GV Walking Beam Belt Drive Variable Speed Belt Driven Clutch-Brake

Timing Sensors - Accessories - Sankyo America (The Global Standard in CAM Indexing)

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