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Shaft-to-Flange (TF Series) - Torque Limiting - Accessories - Sankyo America (The Global Standard in CAM Indexing)


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Sankyo's TF Series features a low profile, ground pilot design for flange mounting of dials, hub less gears, and sprockets. Sankyo's design uses five detent pockets with a pin type configuration which enhances lubrication while reducing the pocket vacuum thus eliminating inconsistent overload conditions. A patented pocket design and hardened metal components accommodate rotational shock loads during speed ramps to reduce pocket wear. Easily adjustable locking nut with multiple spring washers or coil springs force the pins into the pockets to change the overload range. Our pins and pockets are high tolerance, which produces low backlash, repetitive overload thresholds in both directions while maintaining an overall strong rigidity. Standard TF units automatically reset every 360° of rotation with multiple reset positions as an option.

Sankyo America's TF Series features a low profile design and a flange for directly mounting tables, gears, sprockets, etc. A unit designed especially for use on the output shaft of high-speed precision intermittent indexing devices.The TF series features accurate torque transmission and operating characteristics. TF-type torque limiters are also easy to handle and compact, making them ideal for a wide range of applications from general industrial machinery to machine tools.The TF series uses five sets of bearings to receive radial loads, thrust loads, and other rotational loads.

The TF flange torque limiter is a safety device designed to work only on loads in the direction of rotation. It features a simple compact design, accurate torque transmission and operating characteristics, no backlash, and excellent operability.
The flange surface makes it possible to mount it directly on tables, gears, sprockets and arms. Also, safe transmission of rotational force will be achieved without impairing accuracy. It features long life and easy maintenance. A TNF series is also available for frequent iterative motions, keeping the internal hysteresis low.

The TF series pre-loads the bearings and eliminates backlash while maintaining strong rigidity in all directions.

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