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Parallel Indexers


Parallel indexer have input & output shaft inline but offset. Typically used for continuous duty cycles, the internal cams are configured to match the indexing transfer and idle process times with the drive motor running continuously. They can also run in cycle on demand mode for long idle times with the drive motor stopped.

These units are ideal for driving conveyors and synchronizing with other equipment. Short index period cams can produce long conveyor feed pitches with excellent positioning accuracy. For protection, our adjustable torque limiting clutches can directly couple the indexer to a conveyor shaft.

Parallel cam mechanisms are simplistic to ensure years of reliable service. Taper bearings can support large bending moments for single arm oscillation or unbalanced loading applications. Our standard P Series includes input/output shaft on either side of the housing. The PL Series includes an output shaft & flange for dial plate mounting and the E/EL Series is designed for oscillating. A cost effective solution for your inline indexing applications.

P/PE & PL/EL Series Parallel Indexers

Parallel indexers are a low cost solution and ideal for inline intermittent assembly with precise locations. Our P Series features shaft type input and output with an indexing type cam or the PE Series for oscillating applications. The PL Series includes shaft and flange combination for mounting dial plates and the EL Series oscillates.

• Design: Narrow profile, inline shafts, PL/EL with flange output
• Typical Applications: Cost effective solution for driving conveyors, index or oscillating dial plate or arms in continuous or cycle on demand applications
• P/E Series Housing Sizes: (12) housing sizes
• PL/EL Series Housing Sizes: (6) housing sizes



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