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High-Speed (VG Series) - Coil Feed Press - Sankyo America (The Global Standard in CAM Indexing)


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Precision Feeding with a Delicate Touch Cam Driven Gripper Feed.

The Variax VG series is strictly a mechanical, cam-driven gripper feed with a variable feed pitch, just like the V series. The movement of the VG series can be illustrated by considering how we would use our hands to feed string.

Start with the fingers of both hands holding the string. At the start of the feeding motion, the left fingers release the string and the right hand pulls it forward. When the right hand finishes its pull, the left fingers grip the string again and the right hand releases its grip and returns back to its original position. The right hand now re-grips the string and poises ready to repeat the feeding cycle again. The string would thus appear to progress intermittently. It is important to understand that while the hands only move slightly, the string is held firmly - unlike the way a roll feed would press and roll its surface along the material - so the string is fed with a soft touch while being held firmly but gently between the fingers.

The VG series does a true mechanical reproduction of this feeding cycle. In order for the VG series to reproduce the smooth motion of the hand and fingers, it uses four cams, including a roller gear cam machanism, with a uniquely-designed grip jaw that functions like the fingers of a hand. This pressure is exerted evenly on the material so that no pressure marks or scratches occur. This is how the VG series differs from roll feeding methods making it suitable for feeding delicate plated material or light pliable material. It can also be used to feed irregularly-shaped material or semi-processed material.

SANKYO's Variax VG-Series feeds with a Roller Gear type Feed Angle Cam and SANKYO's Special Sine Curve, provides controlled preprogrammed acceleration and deceleration for a smooth adjustable feed motion. SANKYO's cam controlled adjustable stock grip and brake pressures, allows for high-speed operation with less chance of marking soft material such as copper, aluminum and soft brass, etc.…. than any other type of feeder on the market. Cam controlled pilot release allows precise opening and closing of the brake jaw for better control of stock at high-speeds. Feeding delicate and thin material at high-speeds is made possible when using the SANKYO VG-Series feeds.

SANKYO VG-Series grip and brake jaws are specially designed for feeding different types of stock such as flat material from the very soft to the very hard as well as different types of preformed material. Different configurations can be designed into the jaws to conform to the shapes of the material being feed. SANKYO also has jaws for feeding single or multi square or round wire for different applications. The Grip and Brake Jaws can be changed very quickly for different types of jobs.

The VG series cam driven gripper handles grip-and-feed materials using a different approach than is used for roll feeds. This VG series can feed irregularly shaped material or soft material, resolve pressurized scars or scratch problems and it supports minute pitch or ultra-high-speed feeding.

send material to grip the feeder system, four cam mechanism to combine the high-speed, high precision and high reliability. Toss the ingredients RORUFIDO Unlike send the material at hand and that is the largest state of static friction coefficient of friction and firmly is sent to the RORUFIDO is difficult and deformed by the soft wood and other materials to feed , Gong pressure problems and damage to fine and ultra-high-speed feed sent a secondary processing, and enables them to feed. Feed conditions to meet a variety of types.

 High-Speed (VG Series) - Gripper Feed - Coil Feed Press - Sankyo America (The Global Standard in CAM Indexing)

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