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Roll Feed - Coil Feed Press - Sankyo America (The Global Standard in CAM Indexing)


VARIAX is a generic name for high performance, high-speed press feeds and related products and systems. With a view to meet different requirements in the press industry, we combined the latest know-how with an innovative product concept based on Sankyo's unique cam technology. These feeds use our roller gear cam in the drive part to create the world's fastest feeds from Sankyo's original motion curve and drive mechanism. In addition, with their excellent operability and user-friendliness, including easy parameter adjustments such as feed length, material thickness, grip force and roll parallelism, these press feeds play an active role in press rooms throughout the world.

Large Capacity - Linear Handling - Sankyo America Roll Feed (V Series)

The Variax V series is our line of cam roll feeds featuring advanced and original technology. The drive system consists of four cams and includes a roller gear cam. Other features include a dual roll drive, a parallelism adjustment, mechanism for roll and clalmper, and an absolute digital counter system for an accurate display of feed pitch. Unsurpassed feeding precision combined with operating ease and workability makes the Variax V a truly advanced feeding device.

Overview - High-Speed (VG Series) - Coil Feed Press - Sankyo America (The Global Standard in CAM Indexing)

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