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SANKYO RE Series Programmable Motion Rotary Table

Sankyo is the worldwide leader in rotary table positioning technology and continues to develop innovative motion control. Our core positioning system is based on our RollerDrive™ mechanism, a simple combination of a globoidal cam and cam followers mounted in a precision machined turret. A servo motor rotates a continuous lead cam profile and the rolling contact surfaces of the cam followers produce perfectly smooth and controlled motions without backlash.

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• Servo driven programmable output motions in forward, reverse or oscillating directions with very low backlash
• Standard ±60 arc seconds angular positioning accuracy
• Ideal for heavy load application with slow or fast speeds
• 20:1 internal cam ratio
• For additional reduction, an inline second reducer is available with 3:1 to 100:1 ratios
• Dual taper roller bearings provide large bending moment capacities
• Stationary output through bore for mounting a 2nd stationary dial plate or supply lines
• Large housing size selection, 6 housing sizes, no oversizing
• 1 year warranty, IP55/IP67 motor rated (see SANKYO RU series for IP66 rated)

Output Flange Design

• Standard stationary output through bore for routing air lines, plumbing, wiring, push rod or drive shaft
• Output bore includes precision tolerance diameter for bearing mounting for a drive shaft
• Optional riser with through bore can mount to the stationary flange
• Dual tapered bearing design has large bending moment capacity
• A second stationary dial plate can be mounted above the indexing dial plate to mount inspection tooling

Overview - High Torque - Dial Indexing - Indexing - Sankyo America< click to enlarge >

Motor Drive Option

Drive Options Include: Line shaft coupled, inline servo, 2:1 ratio belt drive or 3~100:1 ratio inline servo reducer
Inline Servo Reducer: 3 arc minute low backlash
Sizing Calculations: Sankyo will select the servo motor brand of your choice & provide sizing calculations
Mounting: Motor drive can mount on either side of the RE housing or include a through shaft
Servo Motor Brands: Adapts to any servo motor brand of YOUR choice (no need to stock another servo brand)

Overview - High Torque - Dial Indexing - Indexing - Sankyo America
Overview - High Torque - Dial Indexing - Indexing - Sankyo America
Overview - High Torque - Dial Indexing - Indexing - Sankyo America
Overview - High Torque - Dial Indexing - Indexing - Sankyo America
Line Shaft Coupled
Inline Servo Adapter
2:1 Belt Drive
3~100:1 Inline Reducer


Catalog & Drawing Downloads

Literature pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
Catalog - Full pdf 2,260 kb
Quote Request - Sizing Form - Request Quote
CAD Files. User Manual - Link to Download Page (requires login or register)
Dial Diameter mm 560 720 880 1,200 1,520 1,520
Dial Pilot Bore mm 70~0.030 100 120 172 230 230
Hollow Bore Diameter mm 17.2 34.2 45.2 57.2 100.2 100.2
Maximum Axial Load N 3,100 4,900 6,800 11,000 18,000 18,000
Maximum Radial Load kg 1,400 2,100 3,400 6,800 9,000 9,000
Output Bending Moment N-m 32 98 147 333 980 980
Index Accuracy arcsec ±30 ±30 ±30 ±30 ±30 ±30
Repeat Accuracy arcsec ±10 ±10 ±10 ±10 ±10 ±10


Why Sankyo
We make our own internal components, the rotary indexer globoidal cam & needle bearing cam followers are optimized to the largest size for each configuration. Sankyo components are ~30% larger than the competition.

Our success is simple; larger diameters transfer more torque & rotate fewer revolutions. More surface contact & fewer revolutions have less wear to inherently extend the service life. Smaller units perform the same task with less cost.


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