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Sankyo America (The Global Standard in CAM Indexing)

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SANKYO FH Series Rotary Pick and Place Part Handler


Sankyo is the worldwide leader in rotary pick and place part handling technology and continues to develop innovation in motion control. Our core indexing system is based upon the roller gear cam mechanism, a simple combination of a globoidal cam and cam followers in a precision machined turret. The profile of the cam and the rolling contact surfaces of the cam followers produce perfectly smooth and controlled motions.

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• Up to 600 cycles per minute in continuous or on demand duty cycle modes
• ±30 to ±45 arc seconds angular indexing accuracy (housing size dependent, see chart below)
• ±30 to ±45 arc seconds repetitive accuracy (see chart below)
• Indexing motions only (no oscillating motions are available)
• 1 year warranty
• Operates in forward or reverse directions
• 8, 12 or 16 output incremental stops indexing motions (45, 30 or 22.5 degrees)

Output Flange Design

• Long linear bearing design has large bending moment capacity
• Standard design is without keyway or can be fitted with a torque limiting clutch as shown below.
• Includes centering pilot with tolerance for under-table mounting
• Includes grease zerk fitting for periodic lubrication

Overview - High Torque - Dial Indexing - Indexing - Sankyo America

Motor Drive Option

• Standard geared motor is IP44 rated with 230/460 dual voltage
• Optional servo motor drive is available for frequent cycling
• Optional brake motor for emergency stop applications
• Optional IP65 wash-down with epoxy paint
• Optional reducer with C or IEC frame motor mounting adapter
• All mount in 90° increments on either side of the rotary handler housing
• All are maintenance-free (except for brake motor)
• VFD controller voltage options are 120/1, 220/1, 230/3 or 460/3

Overview - High Torque - Dial Indexing - Indexing - Sankyo AmericaOverview - High Torque - Dial Indexing - Indexing - Sankyo America

Cycle on Demand Timing Cam Option

• Optional timing cam proximity switch provides a signal to the PLC to stop the indexer motor for cycle on demand
• Standard PNP format, IP67 proximity type switch has detachable cable (NPN is available)
• Timing cam flag is adjustable for advance signals
• Up to 2 complete sets with proximity type or 3 sets with photo eye type
• Standard steel painted cover protects from false signals & human interface

Overview - High Torque - Dial Indexing - Indexing - Sankyo America

TF Series Output Torque Limiting Clutch Options

• TF series below includes a flange and centering pilot for mounting dial plates, fixtures or sprockets
• TF-R series below-right has a non-corrosive coating or TF-C series is ISO-7 (class 10,000) cleanroom compatible
• Feature easy adjust torque range in just seconds without disassembly
• Automatic reset every 360 degrees within ±15 to ±30 arc seconds angular positioning accuracy
• Roller detent design to respond quickly to protect the indexer
• Interchangeable springs for various torque ranges

Overview - High Torque - Dial Indexing - Indexing - Sankyo America Overview - High Torque - Dial Indexing - Indexing - Sankyo America

Specifications, Catalog & Drawing Downloads

9FH - Discountinued
Cycles per Minute
0 to 600
Lift Height
0 to 10
Lift Accuracy
+ 0.5
Lift Repetitive Accuracy
+ 0.05
Indexing Stops (no oscillating option)
8, 12 or 16
Indexing Accuracy
arc sec
Indexing Repetitive Accuracy
arc sec
Output Maximum Axial Load
Output Maximum Radial Load
Output Torsional Rigidity
FH Weight (Handler Only)
Gearmotor Weight
6 (0.1 kW)
8.5 (0.2 kW)
Literature - Catalog Pages
9FH - Discountinued
Literature - Full Catalog
Application & Sizing
CAD Drawing
Timing Cam Setup Procedures
CD Series User Manual

We make our own internal components, the rotary indexer globoidal cam & needle bearing cam followers are optimized to the largest size for each configuration. Sankyo components are ~30% larger than the competition.

Our success is simple; larger diameters transfer more torque & rotate fewer revolutions. More surface contact & fewer revolutions have less wear to inherently extend the service life. Smaller units perform the same task with less cost.


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