Sankyo America (The Global Standard in CAM Indexing)

Sankyo America (The Global Standard in CAM Indexing)

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Sankyo America (The Global Standard in CAM Indexing)

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Cam Indexers
Dial Index
High Torque (AD Series)
Design for Specials (DT Series)
Large Dial (DTR Series)
Ring Type (Do Series)
Right Angle Index
Maintenance Free (CD Series)
Clean Room (ED-R Series)
Design for Specials: Shaft Output (D/E/R Series)
Design for Specials: Flange Output (DF/EF/RF Series)
Short Index Period (DU/EU Series)
Parallel Index
Short Index Period (P Series)


Flexible Servo Index
High-Torque (AR Series)
High-Torque (RU Series)
High-Accuracy (RA Series)


Part Handlers
Rotary Handlers
General Duty & Versatile (FN/FA Series)
Extended Motion Capacity (FU Series)
High-Capacity (F Series)
Ultra High-Capacity (FH Series)
Linear Handling
Pick & Place (GY Series)
Pick & Place Gear Drive (GW Series)
Press & Crimp Gear Drive (GX Series)
Walking Beam (GV/GI/GII/GIII Series)


Torque Limiters
Shaft-to-Flange (TF Series)
Shaft Coupling (TC Series)
High-Capacity (TAD Series)
Flange-to-Flange (To Series)
High-Speed (TR Series)
Low Torque Range (TRF Series)
High-Frequency (TNF Series)
Air Adjust (TAF Series)
Linear Torque Limiter (LM Series)
Output Risers
Timing Cam Packages
Motor Drive Controllers
Gear Motors


Assembly Chassis
Precision Link Conveyor (IC Series)
Rotary Base Assembly (BH Series)
Vari-Pitch Assembly (MPC Series)


Machine Tools
Rotary Tables
NC Circular Table (DSA Series)
Tilting Circular Table (DTS Series)
No Clamp (RC Series)
Auto Tool Changers
Tool Changer (CTS Series)
Tool Changer (CTE Series)
Tool Turrets
Tool Post (EX Series)
Pallet Changers
Pallet Changer (CPC Series)
Indexable Holder (DST Series)
Indexable Holder (DSS Series)
Custom Units


Coil Feeds for Presses
Gripper Feed
High-Speed (VG Series)
Easy Adjustment (VGX Series)
Miniature (VG-D / VGM Series)
Wide Material - Twin Gripper Feed (VGT Series)
Roll Feed
Roll Feed (V Series)
NC Loop Controller (VLC Series)
Loop with Leveler (VSC Series)

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